With the unique shapes of both KAWS puzzles, you can take a traditional framing route and use a standard rectangle frame.

Want to make a statement? Check out these statement making frames..

If you want to make one of your puzzles the centerpiece of a room and you have the extra money, you should definitely consider one of the custom frame makers below. It won’t be cheap, but it’ll really take your KAWS puzzle to the next level.

Putting the puzzle together

It should take even the finest puzzle doers multiple days (at a minimum) to complete the 1,000 piece KAWS puzzles so we recommend using a puzzle board or puzzle mat.

Benefits to using a puzzle board / puzzle mat

  • Protects your puzzle from damage (watch out for kids and dogs!)
  • Makes it easy to take your puzzle with you wherever you go
  • Helps you keep your puzzle organized and track your progress
  • Can be more comfortable to work on than a hard surface
Recommended Boards & Mats

Most expensive: Large Puzzle Board
Solid construction with the ability to spin

Middle-of-the-Road price: Large Puzzle Board
Solid construction with drawers

Least expensive: Large Roll Up Mat
Cheap & fits the larger KAWS puzzles

Option 1: Do It Yourself

By far the cheapest option of the three, spending a little time on the process can make the results infinitely better.

Adhesive Options:
Mod Podge

The original puzzle saving brand that we all know and love.
4.8 stars | 21,000 reviews

Puzzle Glue

Super cheap & one bottle can easily cover two 500 piece puzzles
4.7 stars | 1,900 reviews

Puzzle Conserver

Easy to apply with the included sponge applicator. Takes about 1 hour to dry.
4.2 stars | 21,000 reviews

Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver

Super easy to use, just peel & stick. Covers 29 in. by 21 in. (may need 2 qty)
4.6 stars | 14,000 reviews

Where to buy frames?
  • Limited Selection
  • Prices vary
  • Fast shipping
  • Huge Selection of sizes and finishes
  • Good prices
  • No free shipping
  • Can pick up in person
  • Offers custom framing
  • Limited sizes
  • Great prices
  • Limited Selection
  • Can pick up in person

Stay Steady

This puzzle comes in at the substantial dimensions of 27.5in x 31in in so you will need an extra large frame.

32in x 28in frames from ArtToFrames

32in x 28in Black Frame from Amazon

No Ones Home

This puzzle is slightly smaller with the dimensions of 27.5in x 21in which makes the frames available much cheaper.

28in x 22in frames from ArtToFrames

28in x 22in Black Frame from Amazon

Ankle Bracelet

Another large puzzle with the dimensions of 29in x 31in so you will need and extra large frame.

32in x 30in frames from ArtToFrames

32in x 30in Frame from Amazon

Option 2: artgallery702 on ebay

With over 850 positive reviews, these 3 custom recessed frames are made out of PVC and available for $220 each with free shipping. The white PVC makes for a clean and form fitting look.

Option 3: HOOP8732 on IG or ebay

Price: $200 each or $350 for both (shipping included)
To purchase: Email bluepit@me.com or msg HOOP8732 on IG.

On ebay

$220 Frames

  • No One’s Home
  • Stay Steady
  • The Things That Comfort
  • Isolation Tower
  • Ankle Bracelet
  • Piranhas When You’re Sleeping

$60 Frames

  • Separated
  • Share
  • Together
  • Resting Place

Option 4: John Deeb

Price: $225 plus shipping

To purchase: Email John at me@johndeeb.com to inquire